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            In 2000 I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and yet no one suggested massage therapy or Reiki.  When Lisa first began working on me, many times I would have panic attacks, but as she kneaded my sore muscles she also began doing energy work, Polarity, then Reiki.  I wasn’t sold on the idea that one person could fix my attitude, feelings and productivity with some crystals and movement of her hands, but that’s exactly what she did.

            Healing my anxiety didn’t happen overnight and Lisa’s work alone didn’t help lessen my symptoms, however walking around after a massage and Polarity session with Lisa, I noticed my head was held higher, I felt like I could handle the tasks set before me without fear or doubt.  Over the last few years Lisa has educated me to be more in tune with my body. To listen to what it is telling me. She has also educated me about what Polarity and Reiki are and what I can do to stay in balance between visits. Education is a large part of Lisa’s practice. She never hesitates to show me ways to stretch muscles that are constantly sore or remind me to drink more water.       

            Lisa takes time with me each session, even though most times I have the same issues, to ask what I need that day. Did I want her to use the crystals? Or did I wish to have my body scanned with her to make sure I was in balance because I felt “out of whack”? Although some of this sounds hokey, I am now a believer that hokey or not, energy work works!

           I feel no qualms about recommending Lisa’s services to my friends and family and to anyone who is tired of sub-standard massages that are outrageously priced and have you leaving more frustrated than when you arrived. Lisa is the answer to your spiritual, energetic and massage needs.

~Michelle, Windham

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