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Lisa DeFosse

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Master Teacher

I graduated from Spa Tech Institute in 2005 with a certificate in Holistic Massage.  My training in Polarity led me to study Reiki and in 2012 I received my Reiki Master Certificate.  I have also studied John Barnes Myofascial Release extensively, attending three classes and a one-week intensive working side-by-side with John Barnes himself.   I have taken numerous classes in advanced neck massage, muscle testing, Healing Touch, and more.  My goal is to combine all my training and experience to create a customized healing session for my clients.

For ten years I worked in a Complementary Therapy Program at a local counseling agency providing massage and energy therapy to those referred for these services.  This work allows me to help adults and children who need to connect with their bodies again and heal from the inside.  The Healing Tribe is a local nonprofit inspired by this program.  I created The Healing Tribe to provide free massage, energy therapy and Bowenwork to those in need who are engaged in traditional therapy and who suffer from anxiety, depression and/or chronic pain. For more information about the Healing Tribe you can visit the website at


Most recently, I became a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner.  Two years of classes and many case studies later... here I am.  I love Bowenwork and can't wait to share it with my clients on a regular basis.  I find it to be super effective in dealing with chronic issues and it is the perfect modality for people that don't like to be rubbed but want some relief.

I live in Windham, Maine and enjoy dancing, baking, hiking, and playing with my dog!  I love just hanging out with my family, doing the simple things and spending time together.   


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